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You may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything here since I created this new site. Apparently I am not a poster of blogs. That’s ok. I do read lots of other sites and occasionally share interesting articles that show up here for a while. I tend to only leave a couple re-blogs on the site and replace older ones as I feel like it.

You will also see a list of board games I have recently played over on the right. I play a lot of games and track them all. It is interesting to see what games get played a lot over a year and it makes it easier to go back and remember what a game was that I tried out.

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Posted March 24th, 2014 at

25 Things You Should Know About Life With A Toddler

Maybe you’re a new parent. Or want to be a parent someday. Or you’re long past your Toddler-Wrangling Years and want to look back with nostalgia and pants-shitting terror over that time. Hell, even if you qualify as none of those things, you will still likely be one day in the presence of a Toddler or Toddler-Shaped Creature, and so, I present to you this Handy Guide.

Now we can all get tattoos: TODDLERLIFE4EVA.

1. they are little fall… go read the rest at their site

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